Casement, Sliding, Awning... A Window Guide

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Casement, Sliding, Awning... A Window Guide

How many different styles of windows can you name? Most people are really familiar with casement and hung windows. Of course, there are multiple types of hung windows, including single and double hung. There are also some lesser-known window types, such as awning windows, which fold upward like an awning over the window opening. Of course, there is more to know about windows than a list of the various styles. You can learn about the different types of glass window makers use, how to find insulting windows, and how to better clean your windows. This blog is a perfect place to start your learning.


4 Benefits Of Upgrading To Energy Efficient Windows

18 November 2021
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If the windows in your home are decades old, it is time to upgrade to new windows. Window technology has advanced significantly over the past decades, changing the style of modern windows and making them more energy-efficient. New windows can benefit you as follows: Benefit #1: Windows that Match Your Style First, upgrading to energy-efficient windows allow you to update their style as well. You can get rid of your outdated, bland window frames and replace them with modern styles made with different types of material, such as composite, fiberglass, vinyl, treated wood, or aluminum. Read More …

3 Reasons Hurricane Shutters Are An Incredible Feature For Your Home

7 October 2021
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No homeowner wants to think about the hurricane season because it's a threat to their lives and property. Nevertheless, it's good to realize that the hurricane season is real, so you need to be adequately prepared. Installing top-quality hurricane shutters is perhaps the most effective way to get prepared. These shutters protect your windows from outside elements like flying debris that could break them. When a window is broken, debris, wind, and rain will easily get into the house. Read More …

See The 3 Benefits That Come With Installing Custom Windows

24 August 2021
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Windows are a critical part of your home's design and structure, and they usually play numerous roles. And although their primary role is to bring natural light into the building, they also serve a decorative function, especially when you install those with exceptional design and shapes. However, with the many types, materials, and window designs in the market, you might have a challenge getting the ideal ones to suit your needs. Read More …

Window Tinting Keeps Picture Windows A Viable Option

16 July 2021
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Picture windows have always been popular, but they have always had some shortcomings, too. They let a lot of sunshine in and, along with it, harsh UV rays that can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer, not to mention cause bleached carpets and drapes. So, why haven't these shortcomings caused homeowners to turn away from picture windows over the years? Well, there is an easy solution for these shortcomings: window tints. Read More …

5 Home Window Tint Maintenance Concerns

27 May 2021
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Home window tinting provides energy savings, shade, and privacy. Although durable and long-lasting, it will require some basic maintenance. 1. Curing Time Fresh window tint can look hazy or even dirty. This is completely normal. It can take a couple of days for the tint to fully cure on the window. During this time, any moisture trapped behind the film will escape and the film will fully adhere to the glass. Read More …