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Casement, Sliding, Awning... A Window Guide

How many different styles of windows can you name? Most people are really familiar with casement and hung windows. Of course, there are multiple types of hung windows, including single and double hung. There are also some lesser-known window types, such as awning windows, which fold upward like an awning over the window opening. Of course, there is more to know about windows than a list of the various styles. You can learn about the different types of glass window makers use, how to find insulting windows, and how to better clean your windows. This blog is a perfect place to start your learning.


3 Ways Impact Windows Are Different Than Regular Windows

21 April 2020
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When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, it is important to take into consideration where you live when choosing materials for your windows. If you live somewhere where tornadoes or hurricanes are likely, you are going to want to invest in impact windows. Impact windows are a little different than regular glass windows. Way #1: Impact Windows Are Already Reinforced Impact windows are designed to protect your home against strong winds at all times. Read More …

What Is The Home Window Tinting Process Like And What Are The Benefits?

20 April 2020
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Making improvements to your home allows you to customize your home to your needs and benefit in many ways. One home improvement that you may want to consider making is tinting your home windows. This process is easy when you utilize a home window tinting company. Keep reading to better understand what to expect with the process as well as to learn more about the benefits:  What Is Home Window Tinting? Read More …

Glass In And Around The Door: What Is The Best Design For You?

17 April 2020
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The more natural light you let into your home, the better, as this is an economical way to keep your home looking bright. So, you'd think that having glass in or around your door — little window panes in the top half of the door, for example, or glass blocks around the frame — would be an excellent way to light up the foyer or entryway. They can be, but you must be sure that the glass is what you want given some conditions that come with it. Read More …

Storm Shutter And Window Improvement Guide To Help Protect Your Home From Damage During Stormy Weather

15 April 2020
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If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather, you want to make sure you make the right improvements to protect your home. Some of the most vulnerable areas of your home are the windows, which is why you should consider improvements like storm shutters, window films, and other improvements. The following storm shutter and window improvement guide will help you keep your home safe when the next storm comes. Read More …

Why Getting New Windows Is One Of The Best Ways To Enhance Your Home

13 April 2020
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When it comes to your house, change is nearly always good. Renovating your home is almost like giving it a makeover. In the same way that adding a layer of makeup to the skin can boost your appearance, adding or changing parts of your home can improve the appearance of your dwelling. Paint would be a cosmetic transformation, but if you're looking to do something a bit more substantial, you might want to take a different path. Read More …