3 Ways Impact Windows Are Different Than Regular Windows

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3 Ways Impact Windows Are Different Than Regular Windows

21 April 2020
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When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, it is important to take into consideration where you live when choosing materials for your windows. If you live somewhere where tornadoes or hurricanes are likely, you are going to want to invest in impact windows. Impact windows are a little different than regular glass windows.

Way #1: Impact Windows Are Already Reinforced

Impact windows are designed to protect your home against strong winds at all times. They are designed so that they are already reinforced, so when you get a storm warning in your area, you don't have to rush home to board up your windows or activate your hurricane shutters.

Impact windows are designed so that they work right away, eliminating the need to board up your windows or use hurricane shutters. Although you can still board up your windows or use hurricane shutters for your peace of mind, from a structural and protection standpoint, they are not necessary.

Way #2: Impact Windows Use Different Glass

Impact windows are designed with different types of glass than a regular window. Impact windows are made with impact glass, which contains two panes of glass that are laminated together and reinforced with an additional layer of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate.

This design helps strengthen the glass. Impact glass is designed to withstand the impact of objects colliding with the window at high speeds. If something does break the glass, the glass will crack but will remain inside of its frame. Pieces of glass will not fly through your home, backed by high-speed winds, and your window will remain intact as a protective force.

With a regular glass window, the window would break up into lots of little tiny pieces that would fall out of the frame. Glass could fly into your home, and all protection would be lost. That is why regular glass needs to be reinforced with plywood or hurricane shutters in a tornado or hurricane, but impact glass does not.

Way #3: Impact Windows Are More Energy-Efficient

Not only do impact windows protect you in the event of a storm, but you will also enjoy more energy-efficient windows. Impact windows have better insulation property than regular windows, which will help lower your energy costs as less heat will be lost around your windows.

You are going to pay a little more for impact windows. However, impact windows will provide you with a greater level of protection, which is important when you choose to live in an area that gets strong storms. Impact windows will help protect your family and home from storm damage and are a worthwhile upgrade that should improve the value of your home.

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