Window Tinting Keeps Picture Windows A Viable Option

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Window Tinting Keeps Picture Windows A Viable Option

16 July 2021
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Picture windows have always been popular, but they have always had some shortcomings, too. They let a lot of sunshine in and, along with it, harsh UV rays that can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer, not to mention cause bleached carpets and drapes. So, why haven't these shortcomings caused homeowners to turn away from picture windows over the years? Well, there is an easy solution for these shortcomings: window tints.

What are home window tints?

Home window tints are basically thin sheets of tinted material that can be placed over your windows. They are measured, cut to size, and then placed on the window, often using a heat gun. The window tints filter the light that enters through the windows. They come in different levels of darkness. For instance, some block 30% of light, whereas others block 50% or 70% of light.

Why are home window tints a good choice for picture windows?

You can actually have window tints placed on any home window. But the average window does not bathe the whole room in light the way a picture window does. So, while some homeowners do have tints put on all of their windows, it's more common to only have the tints placed on picture windows and other large windows. This enables you to spend time in the room where the picture window is located without worrying that you'll be exposing your skin to too much UV light. It also protects the carpet, drapes, and other items in the room from becoming bleached due to the vast amount of light the picture window lets in.

Window tints can also help keep AC bills lower in the summer. They reduce the amount of heat that comes in through your picture window.

Can you have window tints put on new picture windows?

Yes, most window tint companies will apply the tint film to windows of any age, provided the windows are in decent condition. However, if you are getting a new picture window, you may want to choose one that has window tint integrated into the glass. This serves the same basic purpose, but it saves you from having to pay to have the window tint externally applied.

Picture windows let in a lot of light; however, it is sometimes too much light. Home window tinting can help protect you and your family and provided these added benefits.