4 Types Of Commercial Window Film That Will Assist With Heat Reduction

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4 Types Of Commercial Window Film That Will Assist With Heat Reduction

2 November 2020
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If you want to reduce the heat that drives up the energy costs inside of your commercial building, one way to do that is by adding the right window tint to your windows. There are four different types of commercial window tinting film that can help with your heat-reduction goals.

Commercial Reflective Window Film

The first type of film to consider is commercial reflective window film. It is designed to block a significant amount of heat and reduce glare as well. In addition, it is also able to block the vast majority of UVA and UVB rays.

Another great benefit of commercial reflective window film is that it can also reduce the visibility into your building, allowing you a greater degree of privacy.

Commercial Neutral Solar Window Film

Another type of film is commercial neutral solar window film. This type of window film has a low reflective level and will only reflect away a small portion of sunlight and will slightly reduce glare inside of your building. It will block most UV rays, though, preventing fading from sunlight inside your building. With a neutral solar window film, you will still be able to enjoy the appearance of natural light inside while getting a little bit of heat-reduction assistance.

Dual-Reflective Commercial Window Film

Dual-reflective commercial window film is designed to black out a high percentage of heat from the sun and greatly reduce glare as well. You will enjoy some privacy as well with the window film being tinted. However, you will also enjoy a great view of your building when you look through the windows. The great view is because dual-reflective window film is designed more like a ceramic film that allows you to see out while providing you with privacy from people looking into your building.

Ceramic Commercial Window Tint

Another type of window film is ceramic window tint. It provides the best views looking outward that you can get while enjoying privacy and a degree of heat blocking and glare reduction. If you want to enjoy the best possible views, ceramic window tint is the way to go.

If you want to reduce the heat gain through your business's windows, you should talk to a window tinting installer about the best commercial window film to use. You can enjoy different degrees of heat and glare reduction, as well as privacy, based on the type of window film you apply to your windows.