Prepare Your Home For A Holiday Decorating Contest

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Prepare Your Home For A Holiday Decorating Contest

9 September 2020
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A neighborhood holiday light contest that boasts a cash prize and bragging rights may entice you to go 'all out' this year. If installing lights is something that you previously limited to indoor projects, it is time to get ready for an alternate setup, which includes using colorful light strings, shiny foil paper, and 3-dimensional decorations.


Lights will be enjoyed mostly at night, but if you have little ones who like to peer out the windows or if you are going to be using a lot of colorful adornments, which can be enjoyed both day and night, clean windowpanes, siding, and door materials is a must.

Before you head out to a local shop, in search of holiday garb that will help you win the competition, tackle the cleaning of your home's exterior. For windows or glass door panes, clean both sides of the glass. Use a high-pressure hose or a pressure washer, to remove dirt from your home's exterior.

Set up a ladder to inspect the area around the doorway and windows. Since you are going to be installing lights, you may want to use a stapling tool, which will temporarily secure the light strands to the framework that surrounds each glass pane or the doorway.

Planning And Executing

Decide how elaborate you would like the light setup to be, including any plans that include adding colorful features to your yard. Try to balance the two areas, so that both your home and the front yard will contain an equal amount of lights or foil-covered surfaces.

One idea that may appeal to you is to use a distinct Christmas light color and use some complementary colors for the other decorations. For instance, if you decide on light strands that contain blue bulbs, you may want to cover your door with a sheet of bright yellow or red foil paper and wrap some empty boxes with an array of foil paper, which encompasses the same color scheme.

The wrapped boxes can serve as faux presents and you can set them up underneath a tree that is on your property. On the day that the upgrades will be taking place, focus on the front of your home first, prior to setting up the decorations in your yard. If you have a few people who are willing to pitch in and give you a hand, delegate decorating tasks, to assist with getting the job done quickly.

At the end of the day, if you're considering hanging lights up, you should talk to a Christmas light installation company, like A Cleaner Image. This will help you stay safe and save you time.