How to Give Roller Shades a Little More Wow Factor

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How to Give Roller Shades a Little More Wow Factor

28 July 2020
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Roller shades are great if you are looking for inexpensive window treatments to complement your home's décor. And roller shades go well with just about any style of home décor. But one issue that homeowners sometimes have is that roller shades are also quite minimalist. This means that they sometimes fade into the background.

Fortunately, you have a number of stylistic options at your disposal in regards to getting the best out of your roller shades.

Mount Your Shades Inside the Jamb

You can mount your roller shades outside the jamb as some homeowners do, but this takes up space inside your home. Outside-mounted shades may also interfere with furniture since they project into the room. If you'd like your roller shades to offer a sleeker, more sophisticated look, then mount them inside the jamb.

Another great style benefit of mounting your roller shades inside the jamb is that you can combine them with drapes.

Combine Roller Shades With Drapes

One downside of mounting roller shades inside the window jamb is that light will inevitably enter your home through the gap on each side of the shades. But you can counter this by combining drapes with your roller shades. With your roller shades mounted inside the jamb, you have enough room to add drapes to the mix as well. This will not only look stylish, but it will also block the light.

Install Roller Shades Outside-In

If you don't like the look of the mounting hardware and chain that comes with a roller shade, you can mount your roller shades outside-in instead. With your roller shades mounted with the hardware facing the window, they'll look sleeker and more streamlined. And, if you have gone with a patterned or textured roller shade, the focus will be more on the design than the hardware.

Go With Colored Roller Shades

Roller shades come in many colors. Think about which color might work best with your rooms. For instance, in your child's bedroom, you could place brightly colored roller shades to create a colorful and vibrant atmosphere for your children to relax and play in. And in your living room, you can go for a color that compliments the colors already on display in your living room.

If your living room has more pastel colors, for instance, add pastel greens and yellows to the mix with your roller shades.

Some homeowners prefer the minimalist style of roller shades. But if you'd like your window roller shades to have more of an impact on your home's décor, then try one or all of the above suggestions.