Are Ceramic Window Tinting Films The Best Choice For Your Work Truck?

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Are Ceramic Window Tinting Films The Best Choice For Your Work Truck?

21 April 2020
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Window tinting films don't just make your vehicle more attractive and afford you more privacy -- they can also make your vehicle more comfortable and efficient. When properly fitted, they act as an effective heat shield that prevents energy from the Sun's rays from entering your vehicle, keeping it cooler for longer.

This makes window tinting films particularly useful for work trucks used on construction sites, loading docks and other unsheltered commercial and industrial sites. However, window tinting films come in a number of varieties, and some are more suitable for commercial vehicles than others.

Ceramic window tinting film is extremely popular and widely used and has a number of advantages over other window tinting film types, such as metalized or carbon film. However, ceramic window tinting films also have a few disadvantages, so you should make sure you are familiar with these pros and cons before fitting these specialized films to your work trucks.

What are the advantages of fitting ceramic window tinting films to work trucks?

Excellent sunlight protection

Ceramic window tinting films are some of the most effective when it comes to blocking out the Sun's harmful rays. While they provide the same darkened shade as regular window films, they are also studded with tiny, reflective ceramic particles, which reflect a significant portion of the Sun's heat and light before it can pass through the window. Many high-end films are capable of blocking out 99% of the ultraviolet sunlight that would otherwise enter your work vehicle.

Consequently, ceramic films can significantly reduce the amount of sunlight-derived heat that enters your work truck, keeping it cooler for longer while you drive or park in unsheltered locations. As well as making the interior of your work truck a more comfortable place to be, ceramic window film will also reduce your reliance on your truck's air conditioning system, improving gas mileage and engine efficiency.

Highly durable

Ceramic window tinting films are particularly prized for their durability when compared with other types of window tinting film. The ceramic particles that provide their excellent heat-blocking qualities also provide a significant amount of stiffness and strength to the film itself.

Ceramic films are significantly more resistant to tearing and cracking than cheaper dyed or hybrid window tinting films and usually last significantly longer. They also provide rigidity to the window itself and can help prevent truck windows from shattering under heavy impacts.

Will not interfere with electronic equipment

Many types of window tinting films contain metal particles, which can interfere with radio and communication signals and prevent you from using communication devices inside your car. If you frequently use a phone, walkie talkie or GPS navigation system inside your work truck, choosing ceramic tinting film will ensure that they remain fully functional.

What are the disadvantages of fitting ceramic window tinting films to work trucks?


Unfortunately, all of these advantages come at a price, and ceramic window tinting films are among the most expensive types of window tinting films available. However, bear in mind that their increased durability makes them an excellent long-term investment.

Limited range of tint percentages

Because ceramic window tinting film is highly sophisticated and relatively difficult to manufacture, it is only usually available in a limited range of shade and tint percentages. If you want an especially dark window tinting film to block out intense summer sunshine on your worksite, you may need to look into other options, such as carbon or metalized film. Speak with a company like Solar Tint, Inc. for more details.