Know Your Options For Window Blinds

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Know Your Options For Window Blinds

13 April 2020
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Are you ready to get new window treatments for your home? Know that you have plenty of options to pick from. Consider the following styles and features to ensure that you make a great choice. 


There are several styles that you can pick from when it comes to window blinds. You do not have to go with the standard horizontal shades that you see at most stores. Consider making the switch to a honeycomb-style shade that uses air pockets to better insulate your home. Vertical blinds are another option that are going to add a bit more style to your home. These extend from ceiling to floor and work great on tall windows or sliding glass doors. The style allows you to partially open the blinds to allow people to use the natural light while not sacrificing all your privacy. 

You should also consider the materials that your blinds are made out of. While plastic is a very affordable material, you can buy shades that have a fabric covering that gives a unique pattern. There is also the option for wood blinds that have a bit more elegance that can go great with a wood window.


Many homeowners are deciding to use cordless blinds that allow you to open them by lifting the blinds from the bottom. The cords are located inside the blinds and don't require pulling a cord in a specific direction to get them to stay. This is great if you have kids or pets that you are worried about getting tangled in the cords or if you would rather not deal with them. 

You can also customize your blinds so that they open from the top and the bottom. This works great with double-hung windows where you want to open the window from the top but still have the blinds block some of the natural light that is coming into the room.

Want your room to be dark in the morning so that you can sleep in? Consider adding room-darkening features to your blinds. This puts an extra layer on the blinds that makes it harder for natural light to shine through, which helps ensure the room stays dark. This can be great for a child's bedroom for when they nap during the day or for someone that works a night shift and sleeps at odd hours. 

Not sure what option will work best for your home? Reach out to a local window blinds company for more information.