Buying New Windows? Look Out For These 3 Features

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Buying New Windows? Look Out For These 3 Features

8 April 2020
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Buying new windows for your home gives you the opportunity for a major upgrade. You can finally add all of the features that your old windows were missing, which will improve energy efficiency in your home and reduce your energy bills all year round. Here are some of those features to look out for.

Multi-Pane Glass

Do your current windows have only a single pane of glass separating the inside of your home from the outdoor elements? If so, you likely just feel the outside temperatures transferring to the inside of your home when you are near the window. That's why it is worth upgrading to multi-pane glass windows.

Double-pane glass is the most common option since it gives a space between the glass to fill with a special gas that helps insulate the window. However, you can also upgrade to triple-pane glass. Not only does it provide more insulation but sound dampening qualities as well. This will really help cut down on the noise from outside your home that can be disrupting.

Window Gases

Once you decide on how many glass panes you want, the next question is what gas should be used to fill the gap between the panes. Your two options will be argon and krypton gases, with the former being the most common due to its price. Argon gas gets the job done and helps provide more thermal efficiency and helps reduce condensation on the glass. Krypton gas is more expensive, but it is very dense. It will be even more energy-efficient than argon gas as a result.

Window Coatings

You can also have a low-e glass coating applied to your windows to help with energy efficiency. During the summer months, the coating helps keep your home cool by allowing light to pass through the glass but reflecting more of the heat that would come through and keeping it outside. In the wintertime, it works the opposite way. The heat caused by your HVAC system reflects off the glass and stays inside your home, rather than leaking out. Meanwhile, harmful UV rays are still reflected off the glass on the outside of your home. 

Are you undecided about what types of window features you should have in your next set of residential windows? Speak with a local window replacement company for their assistance with selecting and installing the right windows for your home.

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