Windows On Your Home Getting Old? Reasons To Replace Them And The Types To Choose From

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Windows On Your Home Getting Old? Reasons To Replace Them And The Types To Choose From

17 August 2022
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If the windows on your home are getting old, there are many reasons you should replace them. Below is information about various reasons to help you decide. You will also find information about different types of windows available for you to purchase.

Reasons to Replace Windows 

One of the main reasons to replace your windows is it can save you money. Old windows generally do not close well so there are gaps. This allows air to leak inside your home, as well as air to leak out. This increases your energy bill. This also causes your HVAC unit to run longer, which means you may have to replace it sooner. The weather stripping on your old windows may also be worn down, which is another area where air can leak in. If the frames are also very old, air can leak through this area as well. 

Another reason to install new windows is for aesthetic purposes. Older windows can look bad on a home and stand out if the rest of the home looks new. Replacing the windows will increase the aesthetics. This is especially important if you plan to sell your home in the future. New windows can increase the value of your home and look good to a potential buyer. 

People inside your home will be more comfortable if you install new windows. This is because the temperature inside your home will be correct. Also, new windows are more secure so less noise is heard inside your home from noises outside. 

Types of Windows

There are single-hung and double-hung windows in many homes. Single-hung windows have one sash and double-hung windows have two sashes. With one sash, only the top part of the window can be opened and closed. With two sashes, both the bottom and the top can be opened and closed. This makes it much easier to clean the windows. 

There are also casement windows, which are hinged and open and close using a crank. These windows work best for areas that are hard to reach because they are easy to open and close. These windows also provide great ventilation for your home because you can open them only a little or all the way. 

Picture windows are large windows that do not open. They provide a great view outside and are often installed in a living room or a dining room. These windows are completely sealed so they are the most energy-efficient windows you can purchase. 

Talk with a company that sells and installs windows and they can tell you of other types that are available.

Contact a local window replacement service to learn more.