Everything You Should Know About Hurricane Doors

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Everything You Should Know About Hurricane Doors

18 April 2022
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Hurricane doors can help safeguard your home from disastrous storms, tornados, and extreme winds. These doors are reinforced with impact-resistant glass engineered to endure strong forces. Here is a guide on everything you should know about hurricane resistant doors.

What Are Hurricane Doors?

Hurricane doors are sturdy and strengthened to endure the pressure of various elements like strong winds and impact from hurricanes. The doors are also able to handle impact from flying debris. The doors are made of strong fiberglass with wood reinforcements. 

How Much Does Hurricane Door Installation Cost?

Impact doors are more expensive compared to ordinary doors. The total installation cost of hurricane doors varies based on:

  • The dimension and total number of doors required

  • The door brand and type

  • The door material

What Features Make Hurricane-Resistant Doors Valuable?

For safety, houses in hurricane susceptible regions are supposed to be fixed with impact doors. Here are essential features that make the hurricane-resistant doors a worthwhile investment:

1.      Sound and explosion resistance. Hurricane doors prevent external sounds from penetrating into your home. This feature makes them suitable for high-traffic regions. The doors are also blast resilient, meaning they do not break into pieces in case of an explosion.

2.      Interior protection. Hurricane doors can safeguard your home from more than catastrophic winds and disastrous tornadoes. The doors can also deter burglars since they don't break easily. The added interior protection from hurricane doors can reduce the amount you pay for home insurance.  

3.      Thermal resistant. Hurricane doors are more insulated compared to normal doors, making them more energy efficient. The doors also filter harmful solar radiation rays, offering UV rays protection.

4.      Long-lasting. Impact doors are made of durable glass and strengthened reinforcements for durability.

5.      Curb appeal. Buildings with impact-resistant doors appear elegant. Therefore, replacing your old door with hurricane doors will improve the curb appeal and also increase your property's value.

Are All Hurricane Doors the Same?

Different hurricane door companies sell high-performing hurricane doors. However, the type of glass used can vary from one manufacturer to another. Consult a door installation expert for professional advice on the best hurricane door for your home. 

Hurricane doors have multiple features to help protect your home from strong forces such as hurricanes. The doors also come with several benefits, including improved home aesthetics and enhanced home security. The installation of hurricane doors requires professional help. Substandard installation can cause reduced door performance and a higher risk of impact susceptibility.