What To Know Before Buying Window Replacements For A Tiny Home

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What To Know Before Buying Window Replacements For A Tiny Home

7 January 2021
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One of the unique features of a tiny home is that most of the building components and supplies are smaller-scale compared to traditional home building supplies. This is true when it comes to doors, sinks, appliances, and windows. If you are facing the need for a window replacement in your tiny home, there are a few things you need to consider.

Installation Considerations

The first thing you will need to consider is window installation. You need to have the windows removed properly as well as installed properly. This is due to tiny home construction and the small amount of space that is usually provided for windows and their functionality. Make sure you find a window installation contractor with experience in tiny homes or with smaller spaces such as campers and recreational vehicles. If you are considering replacement windows for your loft area, skylights throughout the home, or specially sized windows for your bathroom make sure the installation contractor is aware and that they have experience with these window styles. 

Upgrade Considerations

When you begin looking for window replacements for your tiny home, you may want to consider upgrades. There are certain upgrades you can get for your windows that will help your living environment and energy usage. For example, you can get sliding screens on your tiny home windows. These screens can come in a variety of styles with one of these styles being a blackout screen. This will allow you to maintain how much sunlight you let in or how much cold air or hot air you let into the house. These upgrades are also available on skylights that are common in tiny home loft areas.

Size Considerations

You will need to consider the measurements for your replacement windows. Remember that most tiny home windows are smaller than traditional windows and even smaller than mobile home windows. A misconception is that the windows used in campers and recreational vehicles are the same size as tiny home windows. This is not always accurate. For this reason, you will need to make sure you have accurate measurements of the windows as well as the window casings.

These are just a few of the considerations when it comes to purchasing window replacements for your tiny home. If you believe that a custom window will be required or that you will need custom windows and window installation, contact your window contractor. They will be able to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.