4 Reasons Why Wood Windows Are Worth It

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4 Reasons Why Wood Windows Are Worth It

2 September 2020
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If you are getting ready to install wood windows in your home, don't overlook wood windows. Modern wood windows are designed to be extremely durable and don't encounter a lot of the issues that older wood windows did, like warping and rotting. Newer wood windows are specially treated in order to prevent those issues from happening.

Reason #1: Great Insulation

One of the top reasons to get wood windows is because they are one of the most insulating materials to have around your windows. Wood windows provide more insulation than both steel and vinyl window frames. When paired with glass with a high insulation property, such as double-pane glass, you are set up for super-insulated windows that will help keep your energy costs down.

Reason #2: Easy to Take Care of

Window windows made fifty years ago may not have been that easy to take care of, but modern wood windows are. Modern wood windows are made from high-quality wood that has a special long-lasting sealant applied to the wood.

The long-lasting sealant helps to cut down on maintenance, making your wood windows less susceptible to environmental damage as well as damage from pests. All you really need to do to take care of your windows is dust them off inside your house and clean the window frames outside when you clean the exterior of your home.

Reason #3: Lots of Customization

Third, wood windows offer lots of customization options. For color, you can have them stained just about any shade you want, or you can paint the wood frame to match the interior and exterior of your home.

You can also customize the style of your wood windows as well. You can have a simple, straight wood frame, or you can have carved wood frames that add a lot of detail to your home.

Reason #4: Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness

Wood windows are designed to be cost effective over the long term. They are not that expensive to install in the first place. With new treated wood, you don't have to seal the wood up or paint it on a regular basis to protect it. All you have to do is clean it off every once in a while. 

The wood will maintain its condition for decades. The high insulation value that a wood window frame will provide you with will not decrease after a few years. You will be able to enjoy energy-saving money benefits over the long-term from your wood windows.

When it comes to choosing the type of windows you want to install in your home, don't rule out wood windows. They provide some of the best insulation value that you can find, offer lots of customization options, are easy to take care of, and represent a great long-term value. 

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