Selecting Windows For The Kitchen

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Selecting Windows For The Kitchen

17 June 2020
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The kitchen is an important space. Naturally, every element in the room should be thoughtful and intentional, even the windows you select to outfit the room. When it is time to replace the windows in the kitchen, there are several factors that you want to consider. Discover some of the factors you should think about as you make your selection. 

Outside View

Ask yourself one important question — what will you see on the other side of the window? The placement of the window and its size should be partly based on the view outside. 

For instance, if the cubby where you store your trash and recycle bins is on the wall outside the kitchen, do not choose a very large window, unless you want to see your trash every time you are in the room. A round circle window, clerestory window, or another high set window would be best since they would obstruct the view below.

Storage Space

Large windows warm a kitchen and create a sense of tranquility, but it is important that you maintain balance, especially if you have an open kitchen design. With an open kitchen, there are generally only two walls within the space to install cabinets. Keep in mind; equally important in a kitchen is storage space. 

If you have too wide of windows, it is highly likely that you will take away from cabinet space. If you are uncompromising on your desire to allow in as much natural light as you can, consider installing thin counter-to-ceiling windows as an alternative. 

Window Orientation

Often time, kitchen windows are not outfitted with window treatments. As a result, it is important to assess what direction the windows in the room will face. If the window orientation is towards the south, it is very important that you invest in windows with good UV ray blocking qualities. 

Since the window will not be covered, if it does not have high marks in this area, a great deal of heat from the sun will fill the kitchen. Combine this factor with the heat generated from the oven, and other appliances, and the room can be quite uncomfortable. 

Keep all these tips in mind as you search for new windows to install in your kitchen. As a space that you spend a great deal of time in, you want to make sure you get it right, so do your research.

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