Reasons Casements Are Ideal Replacement Windows For The Laundry Room

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Reasons Casements Are Ideal Replacement Windows For The Laundry Room

6 May 2020
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The laundry room is often a neglected space. Many homeowners don't put a lot of thought into the room beyond its job. While a decorated laundry room is pleasant, you really don't have to look much beyond its functionality.

That said, when you're ready for replacement windows in your home, you might give some consideration to the special nature of the laundry room and choose casements.

Casement Windows Open Wider

Laundry rooms are often high humidity areas. They're also rooms where you see more dust from shaking out dirty clothes and even lint when you empty out the lint trap. Therefore, you need more ventilation in laundry rooms than in most other rooms. A casement window cranks open the entire size of the window so you get significantly more ventilation from one.

Casement Windows Can Channel Air In

Casement windows have another function that lets them provide superior ventilation. When you crank one open, the whole window frame revolves outside. As The Spruce points out, the opened sash can actually channel air into your room. You can enhance this effect with a fan in the laundry room to get the air circulating in and out.

Casement Windows and Screens are Easier to Clean

As noted, laundry rooms can be relatively dirty areas with all the dust and lint flying around. Both casement windows and screens are easier to clean than with other styles. For one, the screen is inside the window, so you can easily take it down for cleaning. Casements usually consist of a single big pane of glass, which makes wiping them down easier.

Casement Windows are Humble

In that vein, you don't often see casement windows fitted with window grills. They're usually left looking simple. Such a humble window is ideal for a workhorse space such as a laundry room. That said, they do offer a little design quality if you want to choose awning or hopper styles. Awnings open from the bottom, hoppers from the top. Either one gives a little different appearance.

Casement Windows Let in Unobstructed Light

A lot of natural light is good for any room. However, when you do laundry you often look for stains. You need a lot of light to see subtle stains. If the room is big enough, you may even iron clothes in the laundry room. Since casements are just big expanses of glass, they let in more unobstructed light from the sun.

When you're ready for a set of replacement windows for your house, consider swapping out the current ones in your laundry room for casements. Learn more from a company in your area like Preservation Home Specialists today.