How To Dramatically Save Energy With Automated Motorized Shades

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How To Dramatically Save Energy With Automated Motorized Shades

27 April 2020
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Getting motorized window shades for your home is about more than simple convenience. They can also go a long way to helping to reduce your energy consumption and keeping your heating and cooling bills to a minimum. If you've put off the idea of getting custom motorized shades because you figured they weren't worth the cost, then think again. Here's how they can help you.

Smart Shades

Custom motorized shades are made just for your windows so that they fit the length and width perfectly. Once you've invested in these coverings, you want to make sure that the shades you're getting can be integrated into a smart hub or smart home device. Many motorized shades come with these options automatically these days, but if yours don't, you can always use a smart power plug to help integrate them into your smart home.

Automated Weather Adjustment

One of the ways that you can save energy is by programming your smart home to lower the shades based on the weather outside. For example, shades can be programmed to automatically lower when the sun is at its brightest or if the temperatures reach a certain level. Whether you're home or not, this ensures that you can make the most of the daylight but also add an additional layer of insulation to your windows (the shades) by shutting them when things are at their hottest. This will help to keep your energy bills down by reducing the need for air conditioning. 

Time of Day Adjustment

In addition, you can also set up your shades to automatically lower and raise depending on the time of day. This is a great idea because you can set the shades to open in the morning, letting in the sun's warmth and preventing you from needing to turn on the heater when you get up. Then, when the sun is at a level where it would ordinarily be blinding you, the blinds will lower automatically and prevent that from happening. This will not only keep your energy bills lower but will help you to feel more comfortable in your own home without having to go to each and every window to manually adjust the shades.

Motorized window shades are a valuable investment. They offer energy savings on your heating and cooling bills, so what are you waiting for? To learn more, contact a custom motorized window shade professional near you.