Customization Options For New Windows

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Customization Options For New Windows

27 April 2020
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Homeowners prize windows because they let in so much natural light. When you're building a new house or replacing existing windows, you might not realize how many customization options you have. Those options relate both to the appearance and functionality of your windows. Keep reading for how you can customize your new windows.

Window Size

When you order fully custom windows, you can have any size you want. Indeed, many modern houses feature entire walls made out of windows. Perhaps you don't want to go to quite that length, but you can still customize the size to fit in with the design of your house or the available view.

Window Shape

Prefabricated windows already come in numerous shapes including round, oval, and trapezoid. However, with a new construction, designers are sometimes trying to fit a non-standard space with a window. They can give the desired dimensions to the company, who in turn produces a truly unique window.

Window Grills

Even standard windows have different customization options. For instance, you could order window grills that replicate muntins between individual panes of glass. While the checkerboard grill is classic, you can choose from numerous styles, some of which even include arches.

Frame Colors

Some window frame materials come in relatively limited colors when you buy them stock. However, even those materials allow you to customize the frame color so you can match your house or interior décor style. These custom colors can be anything from a delicate pink to ebony.

Stainable Interiors

A similar customization is for the interiors. You can custom order some windows so they have wooden interiors instead of the exterior material, which might be vinyl or aluminum. Because the interiors are wooden, you can choose a stain color when you order them. You can also stain them again later if you want a different look.


For some windows, such as casement and slider, you have hardware that's pretty visible. You can choose how you want those items to look, too. For example, many companies offer different styles of openers and locks. You may also choose from different finishes. That option is ideal because designers usually eschew mixing finishes in a room.

Glass Coatings

Manufacturers offer customization for functionality, too. According to, you can choose from low-emissivity coatings with different functions. The manufacturers can apply microscopically thin layers of metal or metal oxide that control the amount of solar gain that comes through. Other low-e coatings will reflect only certain wavelengths of sunlight while admitting visible light.

When you're ready for new window installation, explore some of the customization options above.