The Benefits Of Bamboo Roller Shades

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The Benefits Of Bamboo Roller Shades

9 April 2020
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Bamboo is used to make a wide variety of home goods, and one of those goods is shades. If you need new shades for your home, bamboo roller shades have several benefits.

Environmentally Friendly

First, bamboo is an environmentally friendly material to make home goods from. Not only is it a renewable resource, like many other window covering options are, but it grows densely and quickly. In fact, it's one of the fastest-growing plants anywhere in the world -- many bamboo shoots grow nearly 4 feet (1.2 meters) per day. This growth rate has two important advantages.

First, bamboo can be regrown quickly. This allows growers to quickly replace what they harvest, which makes it easy to sustain a large supply for widespread use in home goods and other products.

Second, this type of growth rate requires a lot of energy. Bamboo plants are constantly performing photosynthesis at high rates to sustain their growth, and their photosynthesis consumes lots of carbon. 

Exactly how much carbon bamboo stores depends on the specific species of bamboo, but the amount is often quite high. For example, a single hectare of Moso bamboo can trap as much as 250 tons of carbon when mature. It encapsulates 5.1 tons of carbon annually, which is about the carbon footprint of an average person living in the United States.

When bamboo is transformed into shades, the carbon that it has trapped isn't released into the atmosphere. Instead, it's stored in those shades where the element causes no problems.

Versatile Aesthetics

Second, bamboo can be used in many different ways to create various looks. 

Although technically a tree-like grass and not wood, bamboo very much looks like wood. It has a hue and texture that are akin to wood from trees, and it's readily available in many different shades just like normal wood is. This not only means that bamboo has a beautifully natural appearance, but it can be easily matched to any wood trim, furniture, or decor.

Additionally, the texture of bamboo also looks good when paired with many fabrics. This is an especially important consideration if you want to pair your shades with traditional drapes. Bamboo roller shades will look elegant alongside any curtain or drapery.

Adjustable Dimensions

Third, bamboo roller shades are available in many different sizes. 

Because they're made by laying bamboo strands horizontally so that they're parallel to each other, there is no technical limit to how long they can be. Theoretically, bamboo shades could be constructed to any desired length. 

Width also isn't an issue since bamboo grows so tall. Shoots can be easily cut into any desirable length, and your windows certainly aren't wider than how tall a bamboo shoot grows. Bamboo will only grow to be a few feet high in cold climates, but in warm places, it can reach 30 feet or more in height depending on the species and growing conditions.

To learn more about bamboo roller shades, contact a window covering retailer in your area.