4 Things To Know About Honeycomb Shades

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4 Things To Know About Honeycomb Shades

16 March 2020
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Honeycomb shades can be an excellent choice for your home. They have robust structural make-up and can help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

1. How Honeycomb Blinds Are Made

Honeycomb shades all follow a unique creation process. They are made from two different materials: nonwoven polyester, which is found on the outside of the shades, and aluminized polyester found on the inside of the shades. The fabric is woven together and creates a visually appealing yet strong material that has distinct folds in the fabric. These distinct folds are what are known as "honeycomb" and are how the blinds get their distinct name.

2. How Honeycomb Blinds Are Hung Up

Honeycomb shades are hung up in the same style as many other blind types. The shades are supported by brackets, which are usually mounted inside of the window frame. Across the two brackets is an aluminum rail that the honeycomb blinds are attached to.  For aesthetic reasons, the aluminum railing is covered up with the same fabric that is used on the blinds. There are also particular styles of honeycomb blinds that can be mounted on top of the window frame as well.

3. How Honeycomb Blinds Help Your Home

Just about any type of window covering will help improve the energy efficiency of your home. You can use the blinds to control the amount of sunlight that comes into your home, keeping things cool in the summer. You can control when you open and close your blinds during the day in the winter, allowing in warming sunlight when necessary. You can also close the blinds to keep the cold out.

The structure of honeycomb blinds, where the two materials are used to create individual slates that, when looked at from the side, looks like a honeycomb. The structure of the blinds is particularly great at holding back the air that builds up around your windows, increasing the energy efficiency of your blinds.

There are even high-end honeycomb blinds that are designed to wrap around the window seal, creating a seal almost with your window, increasing the energy efficiency of these blinds.

4. How Honeycomb Blinds Help You Sleep

Finally, honeycomb blinds are great if you want to get some good sleep. As honeycomb blinds are one solid structure, when you pull them shut, they are extremely effective at blocking out the sunlight. If you want the lights to really block out the light, go for a darker color shades that will allow even less light in.

If you need black-out shades for your bedroom, or you want shades that are particularly energy-efficient, you should consider installing honeycomb blinds in your home. To learn more, contact a company with services such as window shades installation.